Thank you Pat ….

07 Jun

Dear Pat, I hope it’s OK to quote from your last email, these are comforting words I want to remember:

“What Jenny taught me was that our goal need not be to wring every last possible second out of life but to go out on a grace note, to spare these sweet beings worse to come when it is clear worse is to come and possibly at any moment, worse for no good purpose”.

“There’s that old saying that timing is everything. I think we got the timing about right with Jenny and I think you got the timing about right with Coco. In each case, close enough. Our questioning is, I think, important. Especially when things are not perfectly clear, when death is not imminent on its own. It does seem counterintuitive to make this decision for a cat who is eating, I struggled with that, and was so keenly aware that it was “the last supper”. There was something meaningful about it, not in a religious sense but in the sense that life contains irony and who knows better than cats, who else lives so perfectly in the Now”.

She whom we love
and lose
is no longer
where she was before.
She is now
wherever we are.
     - St. John Chrysostom -
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Een Reactie op “Thank you Pat ….

  1. Margriet

    juni 7, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Lieve Marga,
    Mijn gedachten zijn bij jou.


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